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Dec 4 & 5, 2024


A Must-Attend Conference for Operations Executives, Management & Owners in the Hospitality Industry

Gain New Insights

A Must-Attend Conference for Operations Executives, Management & Owners in the Hospitality Industry

The ILHA INSPIRE 2024 will feature industry experts and thought leaders who will share their insights and experiences on various topics related to operations in the hospitality industry.

You will have the opportunity to attend keynote speeches, panel discussions, and breakout sessions that will cover a range of topics including:

  • Best practices for optimizing operational efficiency
  • Effective leadership strategies for driving growth and success
  • Latest trends and innovations in the industry
  • Solutions for overcoming common operational challenges
  • Strategies for improving customer experience and loyalty
  • Network with other operations executives
  • Gain valuable insights into best practices
  • Participate in interactive workshops and panel discussions
  • Hear from industry leaders in keynote speeches

Previous speaker sessions

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend informative sessions and network with industry professionals from around the world. Curated on-stage sessions with the luxury hotel industry’s most innovative speakers.

The Evolution of Luxury Hotels - What Does the Data Say

Tanya Venegas, Global Head of Customer Success – HotStats

Lodging Leadership 2.0 Prepare and Pivot

As hospitality professionals, we’ve been taught to prioritize how we act, and not how we react. But the last three years have changed that paradigm. Today, thoughtful leadership requires changing not only strategies but mindsets, at a moment’s notice. What’s the secret to keeping your brand ideology relevant? How can you focus on your destination but create new paths there? And how can you get comfortable with change — for good?

Bill Walshe, CEO – Viceroy Hotels Hotels & Resorts

Industry Check-In: How Have Hotels Adapted to Thrive?

An industry overview, trends in the luxury hotel space and the future.

Michael Escalante, President Operational Effectiveness – hotelAVE Asset Management

Phil Keb, Executive Vice President – GENCOM

Rika Lisslö, Vice President – Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Chelsey Leffet, Managing Director, Northeast Leader – HVS

Moderator: Alex Susskind, Professor & Director, Cornell

Past Speakers Talking About Operations & Management

Bill Walshe

Michelle Russo
Founder & CEO
Benoit Racle
Global Vice President
Rachel Rothman
Head of Hotels Research & Data Analytics

INSPIRE Luxury Hotel Conference back for our 13th event

Luxury is the fastest growing segment in hospitality. To compete you have to innovate. Our event brings together the most influential leaders and companies that are pushing the boundaries in the luxury hospitality industry. Deals get done at INSPIRE!