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Heads Up: Beware of List Seller Scams

As the INSPIRE Luxury Hospitality Conference draws near, we've observed an uptick in unsolicited emails claiming to offer our attendee or membership lists for sale.

To clarify: Only INSPIRE, the ILHA, and our authorized vendors have access to these lists. INSPIRE never sells its membership or attendee lists period. Although we cannot prevent these people from pretending to have our list, we can recommend you ignore any company offering to sell any list to any association or conference as they are always fake.

Unfortunately, this is a common scam targeting major industry events. The emails are usually scams orchestrated by individuals out to make a quick buck. The companies they claim to be from are often fabricated, and the data they're selling is either outdated or entirely fraudulent.  They will usually have some fake scam email address like or similar.   They normally tend to be sent out when an event is close.

What to Do If You Receive Such a Message:

  1. Directly to You: If one of these emails lands in your inbox, report it as spam and delete it. If you are unsure you can always contact us for verification, but if an email offers to sell you our list, be assured, its fake.  They don't have our attendee list and you are going to get scammed if you pay for it.
  2. From a Member or Attendee: If you hear about one of these scams from a board member, chapter member, or attendee, feel free to share this web page as a reference.